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June 30, 2012

Why does being Stuck in the Middle resemble Climbing the Mountain?

Time for RFW - Romatic Friday Writers and Saturday Centus weekend combo. The devilish part of me  loved meshing two meme prompts often, earlier. Time to pay attention to the curve-tailed me!

I put the book down, awaiting the phone call. Mom came in and handed me a cup of coffee. The author's mind reader had nothing on her, sipping the still hot beverage.
TRING...I spilled the contents of my cup, enough to feel the burning sensation through the thin cotton of my salwar. 
"Mohit..." "David here.”
"Sorry, I was expecting Mohit's. What did he say?"
He cleared his throat. I didn’t need his jumble of words to know. I hated romances for a good reason.
"Are you ok?" I wasn't, but had to be...she would need strong shoulders to cry on.

*Salwar - leggings of the traditional South Asian wear salwar kameez.
*edited piece from my short story, the Ring of Finality being the ending.

May 06, 2012

Wrong Timing?

After two months, back with my entry for Saturday Centus at Jenny Matlock's blog...any genre, P.G as far as possible, not to exceed 100 words plus the prompt in bold.. Check the other pleasure trips there.

The interview had held a lot of promise, one of the better ones she had given in recent times. Nevertheless, waiting for the elusive call was unnerving. She went about the everyday chores, no longer languorous. The meals were planned,  their calorie content checked, examined her closet, deeming most of the clothes as good enough for office wear. She checked her inbox a dozen times a day. The phone went everywhere she went. Today, at lunch, a beep was heard. She unlocked the screen in nervous excitement. The message read, “It is our pleasure to invite you to Exhale holiday homes, nature awaits.”

March 05, 2012

A to Z Video And A Parting Shot

This is my entry for the video contest that serves as an appetiser before the main course of the A-Z challenge.
The blogfest, third year in running demands just two things:

A Prepare 26 posts for 26 consecutive days (except Sundays) based on the 26 alphabets in the English language.
Can be any topic in line with your usual posts or a particular area of interest like music, book, movies, sports, art, science, religion even your photographs, artwork, poetry and flash fiction (anything P.G rated, non racial and inoffensive).

B Comment on as many fellow A-Zers as you can or wish to, at least a dozen a day since there were over 1500 participants last time and may be more this time.

A great way to have fun, get out of the writing rut and make new friends, some of last year's A-Z friends still visit my blog. To join click on this Link on or before 31 March - A-Z Challenge

Now for Jenny Matlock's Saturday Centus...I missed it for almost a month.
Fellow Centusians have tolerated my crazy love for mixing challenges/ do bear with me as my centus is based on this first uploaded YouTube video of mine.

For Saturday Centus at Jenny Matlock's blog...any genre, P.G as far as possible, not to exceed 100 words excluding the prompt in bold. Based on the given picture, this time permission to add as many pictures granted.
Check the other adieus there.

She sifted through the growing collection, the idea slowing taking shape.
As she glanced at them, some evoked forgotten memories, some an unplanned smile, some leaving her feeling nostalgic and sad. Their expressions, bright colours, careful outlines were indeed deserving of more curious eyes, inquisitive minds.
It took her all day to choose the final pieces, yet some would not make it to the board. They would be discarded, often without a second thought.
After much chopping and crafting, were ready, each one decked in complimentary accessories.
It was time to create a video out of them and yet…saying goodbye was harder than she thought...

January 22, 2012

Thrill Or Trick - Epilogue

I apologise to all my centusians and commenters for not responding last week.
 Not been well for a while, taking the blood test for the incessant cold and cough.
I should be able to get to regular blogging soon, don't miss me too much. ;D

For Saturday Centus at Jenny Matlock's blog...any genre, P.G as far as possible, not to exceed 150 words. Based on the literary device of a cliffhanger...this is the epilogue of the story that concludes the last two weeks' posts of cliffhanger and  resolution respectively.. Check the others afterwords there.

Ali and Simi trudged up the slope... the others would have gathered on the top by now.
Ali looked at the plains in grim silence.
 Simi walked quietly beside, the ideal travel and sparring partner to her twin, though she was hard pressed as to why he didn't fly the carpet.
Reading his thoughts, “ This journey is as much for her as Shammi Uncle, isn’t it?”
He looked at her for a moment and responded, “ I promised to protect her and failed.”
“You saved her life…the healer says that her soul is lost in the void, not left her body yet.”
Ali smiled,a first in many months.
There were many sad eyed, happy faces that stared back at them.
“How is Ria?” asked T.C as a small group approached them.
“ The same since you  last visited.”
“Come children, change into your robes, the memorial chants begin shortly.”

January 16, 2012

Thrill Or Trick - 2

 Part  1 is  the previous post.

Shammi replied “The Green Dew.”
Simi looked at him, a fear and question in her eyes as the others looked to the edge.
Ria or her lack thereof forgotten.
“Gather your clan children here,  protect them all.”  Time to seek his estranged warrior brothers, their very existence at stake.

 Image Courtesy Libertatea

For Saturday Centus at Jenny Matlock's blog...any genre, P.G as far as possible, not to exceed 50 words. Based on the literary device of a cliffhanger...this is the second part of last week's cliffhanger to conclude the story.. Check the others hanging offs there.

*Not keeping well, hence will get back in a day or two, my fellow centusians.
January 07, 2012

Thrill Or Trick - Part 1

"Some things never change around here." Simi poked around trying to fish out the harried souls.
The souls in question seeking solace from the stern elders, often alone or in groups of two and three by the lake.
'Sharing secrets inside the mansion walls was both embarrassing and dangerous' opined the teenagers.
This bunch was not smarter than the ones in the preceding years but used a different system of disguises. Hard to know if the portly, middle aged man she detected was indeed Shammi Uncle.
'Offending a senior member of the household meant hanging off a cliff like... Ria...
what the hell was that?'

Google Image modified

For Saturday Centus at Jenny Matlock's blog...any genre, P.G as far as possible, not to exceed 100 plus the prompt in bold. Based on the literary device of a cliffhanger...that is, the second part next week will complete the story.. Check the others hanging ons there.
December 17, 2011

Creative Fibbing

"Mom, my friends will tease me. I told them we have one."
"How many times have I warned you ‘no fibbing’?" walking away.
"She is a child, you were the same."
"It doesn't have to be that way"*, covering the edible tree with shiny paper.
'Where was Santa when needed?'

* I used the prompt from last time's missed session.

For Saturday Centus at Jenny Matlock's blog...any genre, P.G as far as possible, not to exceed 50 words based on a picture prompt this time round. Check the others decorations there.
December 03, 2011

A Young Dream Broken

For Saturday Centus at Jenny Matlock's blog...any genre, P.G as far as possible, not to exceed 16 words excluding the prompt in bold to create an autobiographical story...with a picture option this time round.

Sixteen in 1990 – Andre Agassi’s striking mane, my heart flutters…
2010 – find out, was a bloody wig!!! 

*The picture for those who don't know/remember

Agassi has admitted the long hair he sported in the '90s was a wig. (AAP)

October 29, 2011

I Paint Words

For Saturday Centus at Jenny Matlock's blog.. any genre, p.g as far as possible, not to exceed 25 words excluding the prompt in bold. A story on a picture again....
Criticize the other black words there.

October 23, 2011

A Story Grows

For Saturday Centus at Jenny Matlock's blog.. any genre, p.g as far as possible, not to exceed 100 words using the prompt in bold to create a story on the picture this time around....
Water the other saplings there.

I saw him there, busy with his axe slicing through the branch he was seated at the edge of. I screamed almost,  ‘you will fall down, you dolt!!’ The watch could only let me stay not change. 
Countless retelling didn’t prepare me for gravity’s working. He fell; branch, the weapon and all.

Could he be the Master, history proclaimed him to be? The language he choose, as classical as his imaginative works.
Were they even his? Didn’t the skeptics say The Bard too was a fake?
I would prove them wrong. I planted a little story seed and out sprouted "Of Shakuntala recognised by a token"*.

* It was among the first Sanskrit works to be translated into English . Written by Kalidasa,  believed to have lived around 4th century CE and sometimes referred to as the "Shakespeare of India".
September 25, 2011

A Random Musing, A Rant And A Conversation Thrown In.

When life drops you a mango or two, Make a milkshake, and that's not quite your style Try a mango souffle....better still use the seeds to grow a tree, your grandchildren may end up saving their precious money and send you off, into the beyond, in style.

On to serious stuff (I am perfectly healthy, no worries there)....just pruning my blog tree list...realised that I have many who have abandoned their camps long ago, far too many poets to my liking, very few writers, book reviewers and movie/music review blogs. Those who find themselves at the short end of the chopping knife will hardly notice, they don't venture into the "dream" camp anyways. 
Serious writers will help me realise how my own pathetic writing is good enough for the E publishing world...given that I plan to come out with my ebook collections of short/flash fiction and poetry soon (six months, soon enough?). That scary task is not to appease the writer in me (maybe a wee bit) but for my mom and brother who have been my pillars of strength for longer than I can remember...I mean 37 is a long time isn't it to have your memories as pristine and crystal clear as they show in the movies?
 At the very least, my nephews and nieces can say their aunt was a published author even if nobody outside the family downloaded her .99 cents books (just hyping up myself for the eventual failure that is the story of my life.) 
 Centusians who have braved all the crappy words above, succour is in sight because my dialogues are based on this very future scenario. Happy reading. ;)

“Can I take your order, m’am?”

“Will have three of these, four tikka platters and chocolate brownies. Later, when the others have arrived.” “A coffee latte now, thank you”
“Long time, no see” "Have been really busy."
“Reks, you haven't changed a bit since I last you”  “where is this new friend you raved about, that ex neighbour?”
“Caught in traffic, she will be here soon.” 
 “I am famished.” “Shouldn’t we wait?”
“Go ahead, she won’t mind.”
 “So what’s this news?”
“You are having an affair!!” 
“Affairs are for the married remember”
You are marrying again?”
“Bah!!” "Once bitten twice shy, should listen to old songs more often!!" “ Much better deal , I sold my first 100 books.”
Finally, you did it!!” 
“I told you, you were good” “Are you seriously ordering another martini?”
“Hold your horses, the first outside sale so far, 99 were bought by family and you, my awesome friends!!!”

*Tikka - a  North Indian delicacy eaten as dry starters or gravies with Indian breads

For Saturday Centus at Jenny Matlock's blog Off On My Tangent
September 18, 2011

May I??

TwinkleLittleStar spoof

Based on 32 word Saturday Centus requirement by Jenny Matlock at her blog Off On My Tangent...a melody which rhymes with Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.
Check out the others nursery songs out there. 

Added to the meme In Tandem by Penny Smith aka Alias Jinksy where one uses words- poetry or tale to bring the image (an art work by her or other bloggers) to life. 
 * The background artwork in the Toon is her own . Do visit the other interpretations.
July 27, 2011

An Unfulfilled Last Wish

At Saturday Centus...there is only one thing that's constant and that is change....
hence a 15 words or less centus with an optional picture (which got me all excited)!!!
Here we go....with Harry Potter and my final adieu to the movies....
my imagination and Jenny's inspiration....Apparate and glide over the other magical spells at her blog Off on my tangent...
 Before I forget...the prompt was "...Before I die I want to..."

Harry Potter
July 18, 2011

Time To Hit The Gym??

Having been AWOL for 2 weeks without the headmistress' Jenny Matlock permission..thought I'll use humour to appease her.
Enjoy /sympathise with other age related joys/woes at her on my tangent 

"...I'm not getting any younger...", she cribbed, huffing their way up the stairs....
''Need any help?'', asked her 75 year old uncle, his booming laughter echoing as he overtook her. 
June 19, 2011

A Classical Saturday Trip...

Book Challenge Day 7
By songsnwords | View this Toon at ToonDoo | Create your own Toon

Added to Saturday Centus . Check other builders at Jenny Matlock's meme
...her blog off on my tangent. The prompt by Jeff and back to a story of 
any genre in 100 words excluding the prompt in bold. Hope I am forgiven 
for continuing to combine two challenges into one.

 My take on the arrogant and proud Mr. Darcy
The music echoed, the soft sounds of rain drowning in
the cacophony of piano notes Mary created…The sisters
looked on in embarrassment while the rest sniggered;
some openly, some quietly.
 One stood singeing in annoyance and anguish…
paradoxical results of mind and heart. He considered
his presence a worthy gift lost on the country
bumpkins; yet, would regret missing out on those
intelligent, dark eyes which barely spared him so much
as even an angry glance.
Feelings unspoken, unexpressed “…within the stone..."
invisible walls he was forced by social status to strengthen
…her's by sheltered life and misplaced faith in other’s
coloured impressions.

This is the Seventh part of the 30 day book challenge created by Polo
at her blog Acotation Al Margen.
 For reades and writers alike.

Older and newer entries here.

June 04, 2011

Different Memoirs - A Book Lover And A Hint Fiction Lover's

Day 1: The Best Book You Read Last Year

Book challenge

The "Memoirs Of A Geisha" published in 1997 by Author Arthur Golden, uses a fictional narrator to describe the life of young girl Chiyo; sold off to a tea house and her struggles through the World War 2 in Japan...
It also depicts beautifully and sometimes meticulously her growth as both a geisha and a person.
It brings an almost lost chapter and often a disturbing practice in Japanese culture.
What sets the book apart for me is the strong love that a young Chiyo(renamed Sayuri ) develops and nurtures for the kind man (referred to as Chairman) she meets at the temple. It is this need to be his concubine that makes Chiyo accept her reality and try to perfect her art and rise through the ranks.
A love story that never seems to pick till the ending which leaves us with a contented Sayuri at New York.

The Geisha system in my mind being similar to the archaic Devadasi system in India. Though the lofty ideals of being God's earthly consort, a Devdasi leads a life very similar to that of a Geisha.

Despite the controversies surrounding the book, its subject - exploitation of women for rich men's is the girl's struggles and her love story that moved me...

This is the first part of the 30 day book challenge created by Paulami at her blog Acotation Al Margen.

Do have a peek if curling up with  a good book is one of your favourite pastimes.
 Newer entries here

Added to Saturday Centus . Check different endings on 
offer at Jenny Matlock's meme...

April 23, 2011

Torturous Days

Life is never straight nor calm, tragic
when he turns on that so called charm
Not a funny bone in the body
and yet speak of comic timing.
 The party is on in full swing
wishing you have a shift to still be in.
The stunned silence isn't quite adulation
the life of this one?, funny thought.
Costume themed? definitely not.
 Bet, you purposely forget.
 Blue velveteen and floppy ears
stands out among jeans and T shirts
This to mock me, I know
Easter bunny stunt pulled out,
just means, "now is time"
to give you the marching lines...

Added To Saturday Centus

April 18, 2011

Operation - Critiques, Vote Of Thanks, Appreciation

Since Its time for  Saturday Centus, I am saving it for letter O....  I've always loved  lists, And as the assignment demands and hasn't stated otherwise, I am selecting  3 posts(not reviewed yet) randomly  to review....they are works I have read and reread...whew...I would be eating 100 words  for each, most likely 100 + word review for all three... Off we go...
1.   The first by  up in the cosmos @

The tears they fall and I wonder why?
It’s almost like my skin’s just too dry.
They stream and flow like rain from the sky.
I feel maybe something’s gone awry.

Outside the snow has come and gone
and all I see is that dirty lawn
but soon all the new growth will spawn
all the while as spring flaunts its brawn.

It’s said April showers bring May flowers.
Do the tears I cry have those same powers?
My cheeks do get rosy after some hours
but I think it’s the salt in them that scours.

It’s a time of renewal, not one of demise.

    The author has chosen to convey in rhyming verse, starting off on a sad melancholic note, using  a powerful metaphor. She speaks of the ending and  arrival of the seasons and the changes brought along.....a reference perhaps to the state of mind and heart that is  accepting and healing....The last verse has the reader ponder on the power of tears to rejuvenate and cleanse the heart and soul....reminding me of Gandalf's words ”not all tears are bad”  
The end sums up the beauty of the philosophical words by leaving a beacon of hope.

The second by Christine

So I asked my kids:
"what do you think about when you hear, April showers bring May flowers."
 the Reader said, "I think about showers and flowers."
the Helper said, "lying on flowers while it's raining."
the Professor said, "I think about people wearing flowers on their private parts
while taking a shower."
the Artist said, "our really ugly shower curtain."
 Is it that bad?  I guess I need to take a trip to Walmart next week.

This piece uses the conversational style to make the point with a dose of humour added .
It demonstrates the diverse thought process and the association that is unique to each one of us even on a simple, common topic.
The author provides a wonderful example of stereotypes and their expected reactions.
The fact that they were all taking of the same thing, in this case the shower curtain, in subtly different ways is brought out in the end...a master stroke.

The last one by  CJ Schlottman

Arrangements of flowers decorated the house. The date, April 10, 1955, 36 hours since Estelle’s husband died in a car crash.
She and her four children, the youngest two months old, rode to the church in silence. Grandmother smoothed the childrens’ clothes and hair.
At the church, the perfume of the flowers assaulted Estelle’s senses, making her almost swoon, but she was not a woman to swoon. Head high and carrying the baby, she passed the open casket and made the other three look at their dead father. 
“April showers bring May flowers?” She would never enjoy flowers again - never.

This is a moving, succinct tale of a tragic event recollected, as seen from the eyes of one of the children perhaps .
It depicts the strength and will of the recently widowed Estelle as her husband's final journey commences....
The flowers here, are perfectly used to describe her true emotional state beneath the calm exterior.... that she tries to pass on the children.
The author has brought out the story through striking imagery and the final words are creatively used to convey the turning of symbols of joy into reminders of pain.

2.  My vote of thanks to Deirdra at for the Creative blogger award ....
and to Jingle Poetry And Thursday Rally for giving  me a choice of 1 to 5 awards, not being  that greedy, I take the one I feel fits me best....

3. Which reminds me that its time I acknowledge my earliest supporters and daresay “friends” with the  delectable  blog award (my creation) to the Enticing Eight whose wordsman/wordswomanship I enjoy and who browse through patiently all that I spew...You don’t have to display the award if it makes you shy.  ;P 

4.  Well Nonna  Beach@ 

 For reviewing my centus with such honesty and glowing words you get the cool blogger award... !

The awards are displayed here.

March 26, 2011

A Parody

A 100 or less worded Micro fiction in poetry genre this time around, with a Prompt in bold (not included in the 100 words count) that has to be left intact in the Poem. Sing along with other rhymes at Jenny Matlock's meme...her blog off on my tangent.

I am above average in studies
And I don’t quite worry
Must I proclaim anyway

Nothing you say is making a headway
Often I  seek the outside
Training my thoughts on the roadside

Alas I am not always invisble

Caught by a question unanswerable
Holding my head down in so deplorable
I’m not a chicken
Classmates, don’t be concerned
Kneeling down and 100 long  lines  I can tolerate
Enjoy the show but do calculate
Next is you on the line Dear, Saddened Wilma!!! :P

 This is an  Acrostic Poem - starts with each succeeding letter of the prompt sentence.

Also Added To Umas Poem Book

 (( Wilma Roche (A Goan Catholic) was one of my best friends from 6th-10th grade in my all girls convent school (St.Anne's, Bombay)...
We lost touch after junior college i.e.11th and 12th grade here....
and she had this klutzy habit of breaking my glasses (shortsighted me) atleast once a year !! ))

Jenny Matlock
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