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April 09, 2014

Short Messages to Dad -

My A_Z journey ends here. I have been down with a heat related stomach infection for a couple of days. Having missed three posts in a row, it's only fair I quit. I will continue to post a-z tidbits when I get better.

A big thank you to Alex, Michelle and others who visited and tried to make me feel better.
April 07, 2014

Short Messages to Dad - Letter F

Letter F - Future

Conversation to Past & Future

Image courtesy -InspirationBoost/quotes

Life goes on... Nothing's changed, snail paced at times and missing an important element - you.
Someone said,"You don't die with the dead". True enough. You can - you just don't. 

Mom is coping badly...Work keeps my grief at bay but for someone who made you the focus of her life, time has slowed down. 
Rifled through your clothes - found the birthday ones with shopping tags intact - planning to give them away.

All I need is a future plan to bring a smile on mom's face - one not dependent on your grand kids.  

Any ideas, dad? I am desperate. 
April 02, 2014

Short Messages to Dad - Letter B

 B - Beaches
The sea does not reward those who are too anxious, too greedy, or too impatient. One should lie empty, open, choiceless as a beach - waiting for a gift from the sea.Anne Morrow Lindbergh

You loved beaches. It was befitting your ashes were scattered at Elliot's Beach, a favorite spot in Chennai.

Hindu women aren't supposed to, but the priest (to my surprise) allowed me to accompany your son and nephews on this last leg of your earthly journey. I wasn't allowed to touch that small brass urn containing your ashes. Another feminist rant from me, but you've heard these and more for over 30 years, haven't you?

I stood on the short wall surrounding the beach. Teary-eyed, I watched three lonely figures wade into the water and release you from mortal confines.
June 30, 2012

Why does being Stuck in the Middle resemble Climbing the Mountain?

Time for RFW - Romatic Friday Writers and Saturday Centus weekend combo. The devilish part of me  loved meshing two meme prompts often, earlier. Time to pay attention to the curve-tailed me!

I put the book down, awaiting the phone call. Mom came in and handed me a cup of coffee. The author's mind reader had nothing on her, sipping the still hot beverage.
TRING...I spilled the contents of my cup, enough to feel the burning sensation through the thin cotton of my salwar. 
"Mohit..." "David here.”
"Sorry, I was expecting Mohit's. What did he say?"
He cleared his throat. I didn’t need his jumble of words to know. I hated romances for a good reason.
"Are you ok?" I wasn't, but had to be...she would need strong shoulders to cry on.

*Salwar - leggings of the traditional South Asian wear salwar kameez.
*edited piece from my short story, the Ring of Finality being the ending.

May 06, 2012

Wrong Timing?

After two months, back with my entry for Saturday Centus at Jenny Matlock's blog...any genre, P.G as far as possible, not to exceed 100 words plus the prompt in bold.. Check the other pleasure trips there.

The interview had held a lot of promise, one of the better ones she had given in recent times. Nevertheless, waiting for the elusive call was unnerving. She went about the everyday chores, no longer languorous. The meals were planned,  their calorie content checked, examined her closet, deeming most of the clothes as good enough for office wear. She checked her inbox a dozen times a day. The phone went everywhere she went. Today, at lunch, a beep was heard. She unlocked the screen in nervous excitement. The message read, “It is our pleasure to invite you to Exhale holiday homes, nature awaits.”

January 07, 2012

Thrill Or Trick - Part 1

"Some things never change around here." Simi poked around trying to fish out the harried souls.
The souls in question seeking solace from the stern elders, often alone or in groups of two and three by the lake.
'Sharing secrets inside the mansion walls was both embarrassing and dangerous' opined the teenagers.
This bunch was not smarter than the ones in the preceding years but used a different system of disguises. Hard to know if the portly, middle aged man she detected was indeed Shammi Uncle.
'Offending a senior member of the household meant hanging off a cliff like... Ria...
what the hell was that?'

Google Image modified

For Saturday Centus at Jenny Matlock's blog...any genre, P.G as far as possible, not to exceed 100 plus the prompt in bold. Based on the literary device of a cliffhanger...that is, the second part next week will complete the story.. Check the others hanging ons there.
October 23, 2011

A Story Grows

For Saturday Centus at Jenny Matlock's blog.. any genre, p.g as far as possible, not to exceed 100 words using the prompt in bold to create a story on the picture this time around....
Water the other saplings there.

I saw him there, busy with his axe slicing through the branch he was seated at the edge of. I screamed almost,  ‘you will fall down, you dolt!!’ The watch could only let me stay not change. 
Countless retelling didn’t prepare me for gravity’s working. He fell; branch, the weapon and all.

Could he be the Master, history proclaimed him to be? The language he choose, as classical as his imaginative works.
Were they even his? Didn’t the skeptics say The Bard too was a fake?
I would prove them wrong. I planted a little story seed and out sprouted "Of Shakuntala recognised by a token"*.

* It was among the first Sanskrit works to be translated into English . Written by Kalidasa,  believed to have lived around 4th century CE and sometimes referred to as the "Shakespeare of India".
June 19, 2011

A Classical Saturday Trip...

Book Challenge Day 7
By songsnwords | View this Toon at ToonDoo | Create your own Toon

Added to Saturday Centus . Check other builders at Jenny Matlock's meme
...her blog off on my tangent. The prompt by Jeff and back to a story of 
any genre in 100 words excluding the prompt in bold. Hope I am forgiven 
for continuing to combine two challenges into one.

 My take on the arrogant and proud Mr. Darcy
The music echoed, the soft sounds of rain drowning in
the cacophony of piano notes Mary created…The sisters
looked on in embarrassment while the rest sniggered;
some openly, some quietly.
 One stood singeing in annoyance and anguish…
paradoxical results of mind and heart. He considered
his presence a worthy gift lost on the country
bumpkins; yet, would regret missing out on those
intelligent, dark eyes which barely spared him so much
as even an angry glance.
Feelings unspoken, unexpressed “…within the stone..."
invisible walls he was forced by social status to strengthen
…her's by sheltered life and misplaced faith in other’s
coloured impressions.

This is the Seventh part of the 30 day book challenge created by Polo
at her blog Acotation Al Margen.
 For reades and writers alike.

Older and newer entries here.

April 23, 2011

Torturous Days

Life is never straight nor calm, tragic
when he turns on that so called charm
Not a funny bone in the body
and yet speak of comic timing.
 The party is on in full swing
wishing you have a shift to still be in.
The stunned silence isn't quite adulation
the life of this one?, funny thought.
Costume themed? definitely not.
 Bet, you purposely forget.
 Blue velveteen and floppy ears
stands out among jeans and T shirts
This to mock me, I know
Easter bunny stunt pulled out,
just means, "now is time"
to give you the marching lines...

Added To Saturday Centus

February 08, 2011

Meeting The In Laws - The Breakdown - 3

A 100 or less worded Micro fiction, with a Prompt in bold (not included in the 100 words count) that has to be left intact in the tale. Do take a spyhole check into other efforts at Jenny Matlock's meme...her blog off on my tangent
My third and hopefully last instalment in the Sci- Fi genre...the waves echo on...

Meeting The In laws Part 1 click here
Meeting The In laws Part 2 click here
The dome looked like the Itrigs* she has seen of the motherland....a place known through stories, now myths for some....
It has been 5000 Estel* years since anyone in the colony was taunted "earthling"...
Some pointed their proton projectiles* at her, some  looked away guiltily while others with hope....she was a traitor to some, to the majority the only one the "Bhaa" and Benen may yield to the shamed "ethical".
The sight at the dungeons was enough....she would trade her life... ask him the last she left, "It was growing bigger by the minute..." the body pile of soldiers and civilians alike.

(*Itrigs advanced photo storage powered by gamma rays.
 *proton projectiles - the only weapons that could temporarily disable the Orbs with cybortic bodies.
*The colony - Earth like planet Estel where a year had 666 days)

Jenny Matlock
February 04, 2011

Meeting The In Laws - The Flashback - 2

A 100 or less worded Micro fiction, with a Prompt in bold (not included in the 100 words count) that has to be left intact in the tale. Go have your fill of other creative endeavours at Jenny Matlock's meme...her blog off on my tangentThis time, though I didn't plan to take part, Jenny's comment that asked for a sequel to last week's Sci-Fi can't be refused...for a Sci-Fi/fantasy addict like me....another post in continuum...hope its readable...

Meeting The In laws Part 1 click here
The dust storms...two months of monitored travel..she stood lost in clashing thoughts...Slowly but sprightly for a 150 year old, walked to the "Minara"......took the drop pad to the dungeons, to "Asat"*  her family's section.
She had named him Benen*......her father and uncle's greed has caused damage lasting a millennia, forcing him to choose sides. 
The "Bhaa"*, his people had renamed her Mara*, now
retained as a reminder of lost love, a galactic war.
She lifted the stack of letters from the ancient chest,
never sent.... his letter on top, a poignant "stars apart/forever in each other's thoughts"...would her great grand daughter's fate be different?? 

(Sanskrit: Asat - evil, Bhaa - light, Mara - the destroyer)
(Benen - Latin for benevolent)

Jenny Matlock
January 27, 2011

Meeting The In Laws

Should call this a Thursday Centus, weekly deadline round the corner..... A 100 or less worded Micro fiction, with a Prompt (not included in the 100 words count) that has to be left intact in the tale. This time its Sci-fi style of writing...that's a boon/dream come true for a Sci-fi/fantasy addict like me....whoopee!!! Go have your fill of other worldly creative endeavours at Jenny Matlock's meme...her blog off on my tangent.

Was a nerve wrecking trip in more ways than one....travelling at light's speed, through space warps was one thing....being trapped in a orb that sped along at breathtaking speed ...oops, my body is back on the colony taking in artificial air....
Atleast he is with me...desperately miss holding his cybortic hand. We are barbarians to his folks, in love with decaying bodies they discarded like old clothes a million years ago.
 As we begin to slow down, I wonder which of the hovering orbs are the parents...its times like these I love to quote old liners.."Beam me up, Scottie..."

Jenny Matlock
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