September 25, 2011

A Random Musing, A Rant And A Conversation Thrown In.

When life drops you a mango or two, Make a milkshake, and that's not quite your style Try a mango souffle....better still use the seeds to grow a tree, your grandchildren may end up saving their precious money and send you off, into the beyond, in style.

On to serious stuff (I am perfectly healthy, no worries there)....just pruning my blog tree list...realised that I have many who have abandoned their camps long ago, far too many poets to my liking, very few writers, book reviewers and movie/music review blogs. Those who find themselves at the short end of the chopping knife will hardly notice, they don't venture into the "dream" camp anyways. 
Serious writers will help me realise how my own pathetic writing is good enough for the E publishing world...given that I plan to come out with my ebook collections of short/flash fiction and poetry soon (six months, soon enough?). That scary task is not to appease the writer in me (maybe a wee bit) but for my mom and brother who have been my pillars of strength for longer than I can remember...I mean 37 is a long time isn't it to have your memories as pristine and crystal clear as they show in the movies?
 At the very least, my nephews and nieces can say their aunt was a published author even if nobody outside the family downloaded her .99 cents books (just hyping up myself for the eventual failure that is the story of my life.) 
 Centusians who have braved all the crappy words above, succour is in sight because my dialogues are based on this very future scenario. Happy reading. ;)

“Can I take your order, m’am?”

“Will have three of these, four tikka platters and chocolate brownies. Later, when the others have arrived.” “A coffee latte now, thank you”
“Long time, no see” "Have been really busy."
“Reks, you haven't changed a bit since I last you”  “where is this new friend you raved about, that ex neighbour?”
“Caught in traffic, she will be here soon.” 
 “I am famished.” “Shouldn’t we wait?”
“Go ahead, she won’t mind.”
 “So what’s this news?”
“You are having an affair!!” 
“Affairs are for the married remember”
You are marrying again?”
“Bah!!” "Once bitten twice shy, should listen to old songs more often!!" “ Much better deal , I sold my first 100 books.”
Finally, you did it!!” 
“I told you, you were good” “Are you seriously ordering another martini?”
“Hold your horses, the first outside sale so far, 99 were bought by family and you, my awesome friends!!!”

*Tikka - a  North Indian delicacy eaten as dry starters or gravies with Indian breads

For Saturday Centus at Jenny Matlock's blog Off On My Tangent


Karen S. said...

Once bitten twice shy, that is a beautiful reply, just love it....and yes sometimes pruning the old blog tree is necessary, I've thought about that too....and this week's centus is just a riot I think...I wonder if she's done this makes for on the spot writing for sure! ...and the feel like you're eavesdropping on these people! Enjoy your weekend and thanks for stopping word withershins for Jenny's W word!

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

That was some serious selling. 99 by relatives? LOL

Nice read.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Judie said...

A writer friend once told me that when a book is published, those authors who can afford to, buy up thousands of copies to get the book on the best seller list. This is a very unique take on the prompt. It's perfect!!!!

Deborah said...

Oh well done on the SC and exciting stuff ahead, good luck! :o)

Ames said...

You've got 99 relatives??? :)~Ames

cj Schlottman said...

Great scene you have created here with your dialogue! I know you will have tremendous success. Oh, and please don't refer to your writing as pathetic. It is far from that!


beckyp said...

great writing im sure your books will do well

Kat said...

Loved your take on the prompt. So what if 99 were bought by family and friends, that's 99 more books than most people will ever say they published and sold! Good luck to you and thanks for stopping by and your interesting comment on book banning. Kat said...

This is so exciting, Rek. Putthing this energy out there is only going to propel your success. I've come to know you as a woman incapable of failure.
xoRobyn said...

excuse the typo - putting not putthing or pudding, but I hope you got and enjoyed those chocolate brownies.

Dazee Dreamer said...

hahaha. I bet that is every novelists nightmare. I know it would be mine, which is why I will never be one. great job.

Lemons Don't Make Lemonade said...

This reminds me that I should prune my reading list as well. I follow WAY too many blogs and half of them have probably been abandoned. :/

Good job on the conversation, by the way!

Mama Zen said...

That is conversation I can picture myself having!

Jo Bryant said...

you seriously do have a lot of blogs on your roll - and some have not posted for months - yes, culling may be in order

Oh - how I love this bit: When life drops you a mango or two, Make a milkshake, and that's not quite your style Try a mango souffle....better still use the seeds to grow a tree, your grandchildren may end up saving their precious money and send you off, into the beyond, in style.

Just made my morning reading that ;)

Jenny said...

Maybe I actually need to get an e-reader sometime and come into this century!

I liked this felt very your mango quote, too, btw!

Thanks for linking up!

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