30 Day Book Challenge

So here it goes:

Day 8: A Book You Thought You Wouldn't Like 
          Any More But Ended up loving
Day 9: Most Overrated Book
Day 10: Most Underrated Book
Day 11: A Book You Hated
Day 12: A Book You Used To Love but don't 
Day 13: Your Favourite Writer
Day 14: Favourite Book Of Your Favourite Writer

Day 15: Favourite Male Character

Day 16: Favourite Female Character

Day 17: Favourite Quote From Your Favorite Book

Day 18: A Book That Disappointed You

Day 19: Favourite Book Turned Into A Movie
Day 20: Favorite Romance Book
Day 21: Favourite Book From Your Childhood
Day 22: Favourite Book You Own
Day 23: A Book You Wanted To Read For A Long Time
           but still haven't 
Day 24: A Book That You Wish more people would've read
Day 25: A Character Who You Can Relate To The Most
Day 26: A Book That Changed Your Opinion About 
Day 27: The Most Surprising Plot Twist Or Ending Something
Day 28: Favourite Title
Day 29: A Book Everyone Hated But You Liked
Day 30: Your Favourite Book Of All Time


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