April 18, 2011

Operation - Critiques, Vote Of Thanks, Appreciation

Since Its time for  Saturday Centus, I am saving it for letter O....  I've always loved  lists, And as the assignment demands and hasn't stated otherwise, I am selecting  3 posts(not reviewed yet) randomly  to review....they are works I have read and reread...whew...I would be eating 100 words  for each, most likely 100 + word review for all three... Off we go...
1.   The first by  up in the cosmos @

The tears they fall and I wonder why?
It’s almost like my skin’s just too dry.
They stream and flow like rain from the sky.
I feel maybe something’s gone awry.

Outside the snow has come and gone
and all I see is that dirty lawn
but soon all the new growth will spawn
all the while as spring flaunts its brawn.

It’s said April showers bring May flowers.
Do the tears I cry have those same powers?
My cheeks do get rosy after some hours
but I think it’s the salt in them that scours.

It’s a time of renewal, not one of demise.

    The author has chosen to convey in rhyming verse, starting off on a sad melancholic note, using  a powerful metaphor. She speaks of the ending and  arrival of the seasons and the changes brought along.....a reference perhaps to the state of mind and heart that is  accepting and healing....The last verse has the reader ponder on the power of tears to rejuvenate and cleanse the heart and soul....reminding me of Gandalf's words ”not all tears are bad”  
The end sums up the beauty of the philosophical words by leaving a beacon of hope.

The second by Christine

So I asked my kids:
"what do you think about when you hear, April showers bring May flowers."
 the Reader said, "I think about showers and flowers."
the Helper said, "lying on flowers while it's raining."
the Professor said, "I think about people wearing flowers on their private parts
while taking a shower."
the Artist said, "our really ugly shower curtain."
 Is it that bad?  I guess I need to take a trip to Walmart next week.

This piece uses the conversational style to make the point with a dose of humour added .
It demonstrates the diverse thought process and the association that is unique to each one of us even on a simple, common topic.
The author provides a wonderful example of stereotypes and their expected reactions.
The fact that they were all taking of the same thing, in this case the shower curtain, in subtly different ways is brought out in the end...a master stroke.

The last one by  CJ Schlottman

Arrangements of flowers decorated the house. The date, April 10, 1955, 36 hours since Estelle’s husband died in a car crash.
She and her four children, the youngest two months old, rode to the church in silence. Grandmother smoothed the childrens’ clothes and hair.
At the church, the perfume of the flowers assaulted Estelle’s senses, making her almost swoon, but she was not a woman to swoon. Head high and carrying the baby, she passed the open casket and made the other three look at their dead father. 
“April showers bring May flowers?” She would never enjoy flowers again - never.

This is a moving, succinct tale of a tragic event recollected, as seen from the eyes of one of the children perhaps .
It depicts the strength and will of the recently widowed Estelle as her husband's final journey commences....
The flowers here, are perfectly used to describe her true emotional state beneath the calm exterior.... that she tries to pass on the children.
The author has brought out the story through striking imagery and the final words are creatively used to convey the turning of symbols of joy into reminders of pain.

2.  My vote of thanks to Deirdra at http://astorybookworld.blogspot.com for the Creative blogger award ....
and to Jingle Poetry And Thursday Rally for giving  me a choice of 1 to 5 awards, not being  that greedy, I take the one I feel fits me best....

3. Which reminds me that its time I acknowledge my earliest supporters and daresay “friends” with the  delectable  blog award (my creation) to the Enticing Eight whose wordsman/wordswomanship I enjoy and who browse through patiently all that I spew...You don’t have to display the award if it makes you shy.  ;P 

4.  Well Nonna  Beach@ 

 For reviewing my centus with such honesty and glowing words you get the cool blogger award... !

The awards are displayed here.


Deepika said...


Nonna Beach said...

Excellent and artistic reviews, just like your writing...deep, symbolic and beautiful !!!

Wow, I'm glad you enjoyed my review of your work. Thank you also for the blog award...it has been a very long time since I've been awarded one !
Have a great week


Pat Tillett said...

Very nice post and writing!
Also, thanks so much for the award! It's been my pleasure to be around for so long. I know two of the other people you awarded and I'll be sure to check out the others!

nafaz said...


Sue said...

Great reviews, all. And good choices, too.


Anna said...

Great reviews.
Thanks for sending poems to my e-mail address! I have had a lot of practical problems to tackle these past weeks (and it's not finished yet!) so I am behind with posting SC-texts.
But I have combined three posts and posted them with the shake-up: weeks 48, 49 & 50!
Best wishes,
Anna's SC-48-49-50

cj Schlottman said...

Thanks so much for including a review of my work in the company of these wonderful writers. Your text is smooth and very readable.


Jenny said...

Oh, what a brave, brave soul!

You have not only risen to a difficult challenge, you have shone brightly not once...but three times!


I enjoyed re-reading all the stories through your 'filters'. I'm glad you undertook this challenge. You did really great!

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