January 27, 2011

Meeting The In Laws

Should call this a Thursday Centus, weekly deadline round the corner..... A 100 or less worded Micro fiction, with a Prompt (not included in the 100 words count) that has to be left intact in the tale. This time its Sci-fi style of writing...that's a boon/dream come true for a Sci-fi/fantasy addict like me....whoopee!!! Go have your fill of other worldly creative endeavours at Jenny Matlock's meme...her blog off on my tangent.

Was a nerve wrecking trip in more ways than one....travelling at light's speed, through space warps was one thing....being trapped in a orb that sped along at breathtaking speed ...oops, my body is back on the colony taking in artificial air....
Atleast he is with me...desperately miss holding his cybortic hand. We are barbarians to his folks, in love with decaying bodies they discarded like old clothes a million years ago.
 As we begin to slow down, I wonder which of the hovering orbs are the parents...its times like these I love to quote old liners.."Beam me up, Scottie..."

Jenny Matlock
January 26, 2011

# 26 And # 27 Random Musings For The Day

If history is a doctored version of events that repeats itself.....why are we condemned to learn it in school??

Which makes better sense : Guilty until proved Innocent, Innocent until proved Guilty?? Are there any other options??
January 20, 2011

The Mischief I have Been Upto

Time to let out the talker in me...
I don't know about vous people, but I do a lot of blog hopping....
The world is a big fat oyster, how can I be satisfied with a few pearls of (not sure about the) wisdom (part)...
Anyway lets not dilly dally and move on to the Crux of the matter. As said above, I came across this fancy little badge in one of the writer's blog, Green monkey tales, me thinks...Your Badge
I write like

I Write Like by Mémoires, journal softwareAnalyze your writing!

Now being a Gemini and a Bombayite, how on earth could I refrain from checking out new things (and guys, remove your heads from the gutter) ??? 
So the curious, consequently, bad girl in me posted a few short stories (those few hapless souls who do venture and are forced to read would admit, they are shorter than average posts) from her microfiction blog into their track box and waited rather impatiently for the analysis....

Guess what happened each time that almost, well almost...the doctor says she has a pretty strong heart.... gave her a cardiac arrest!!

 Her first attempt at a true sad love story was written in David Foster Wallace style (a guy she has never heard of before, now dead) and whose titles go like Brief Interviews With Hideous Men and The Girl With Curious Hair.

More shock was when her humorous take  on ear piercing was in the style of Stephen King, the famous writer of horror fiction.

 Worse to follow was that her true emotional story on the loss of a close friend was in 

H.P. Lovecraft style. He was a leading twentieth-century American author of supernatural fiction like  Bloodcurdling Tales of Horror and the Macabre, The Definitive : 67 Tales of Horror   

 Last but not the least , her one attempt at a love story and a tale of 3 friends at the mall was in Chuck Palahniuk style, the author of Choke, Snuff and Fight Club, yes, the movie by the same name...in this case the chicken came before the egg I.e. the book came before the movie...

Anyway, what the hell Am I supposed to make of this....I write sad and funny stories like horror novelists or love stories in battle style...

Serves me right, some might say....just like placing your hand on a flame is not the smartest way to learn fires are dangerous things....just like a trying a fag for fun's sake  at 22 and coughing your lungs out and eating 3 bars of dairy milk to get rid of the ash taste wasn't one of the smartest thing to do...guess, some of us never learn and off we go where even vultures don't dare ....they are busy dying out is a different story all together...

This self professed writer is at her wit's end...she doesn't want to drive away her few followers with tales written badly... so does she continue to write as before and dismiss the tool for what it is. a lot of bullshit or stop writing....

In case some among you are wondering if this is a post to get readers for her other blog, please be assured she has other stratagems in place to garner comments traffic namely joining poetry and story meme blogs...he he to my ex hubby who thought I'll never get street smart...
There, my pessimist twin is murmuring already....what? that like other better posts before (in her humble opinion), this too will not be commented upon...

So, before I take my humble leave, the one among you who has time on his hands and bored enough do read and leave a musing back....reward? did I hear, well, I will add you to my blog roll and if you are already there, promise to visit regularly...

January 17, 2011

# 25 Random Musings For The Day

You can poke a person on Facebook and may get poked in return....Have you ever tried poking some one in real life???
January 13, 2011

# 24 Random Musings For The Day

If everyone speaks at the same time, who will listen to what's being said??

By extension if all of us had the same level of intelligence, talent, skills sets or even plain hobbies, what then??
If all were expert painters, who will appreciates the fine nuances and the brush strokes....
If all were talented singers or musicians, who would be there to close their eyes, tap their feet, drum fingers along with the beats and get divinely involved in the song and melody....
If  each of us sat to write books, who will read them and let our pen strokes stoke their imagination and take them to new worlds....
If each one were expert chefs and bakers, who would sample the tasty morsels, loosen their belts and sigh in gastronomic delights....
If everyone was an inventor, who would laugh at first and then one by one use our creations and praise our ingenuity....
And so on....if all of us were well accomplished, masters of all the sciences and arts, who would be left to listen, question, appreciate, approve, enjoy, praise, utilise......
It is the ordinary one with limited talent, often few skills, average intelligence who sits back and watches the various masters at work..
Even a Guru is incomplete without disciples to preach....
Take heart those among us who can't create , spin words, wield a brush or a ladle.....it is You, the audience that makes the accomplishments worthwhile.....
For, every performer needs not empty seats but at least one pair of hands that clap.....

January 03, 2011

# 23 Random Musings For The Day

Would love to wish you a Happy New Year but which one....the half a dozen Hindu/Indian ones, Buddhist, Chinese, Japanese, Islamic, Gregorian, Jewish, Zoroastrian,  Native American, Celtic, Druid, African.....???

For more Click Here Different New Years Days From Around The World

You Were There

Eyes that twinkled with the 
glimmering light of far away stars, 
They gazed at me as
though I was their rock star.

Lips that lisped sweet words
in my soul, a chord was struck,
They made mundane words seem
more precious than the preciouss.

Tiny hands that wiped away
the invisible tears I shed,
On my cheeks they felt
like the softest of silks.

The warm body that hugged
sharing all the love it possessed,
The vibe that I sensed 
of the special bond created

The look that you gave reflected

wisdom way beyond your years, 
as though you somehow understood
the pain and ache behind the false smiles.

You gave me something
No one else can ever give,
The warm glow of a million suns
that light up my dark days and nights.

With you around

life is easier to face,
My strength, my sanity, 
my joy, my grace.

 Just remember in
 the days yet to be,
This heart will beat for you
as yours did beat for me.

( Dedicated to my tiny powerhouse of a nephew Sid
whose innocence and love helped me through my darkest year )
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