June 30, 2012

Why does being Stuck in the Middle resemble Climbing the Mountain?

Time for RFW - Romatic Friday Writers and Saturday Centus weekend combo. The devilish part of me  loved meshing two meme prompts often, earlier. Time to pay attention to the curve-tailed me!

I put the book down, awaiting the phone call. Mom came in and handed me a cup of coffee. The author's mind reader had nothing on her, sipping the still hot beverage.
TRING...I spilled the contents of my cup, enough to feel the burning sensation through the thin cotton of my salwar. 
"Mohit..." "David here.”
"Sorry, I was expecting Mohit's. What did he say?"
He cleared his throat. I didn’t need his jumble of words to know. I hated romances for a good reason.
"Are you ok?" I wasn't, but had to be...she would need strong shoulders to cry on.

*Salwar - leggings of the traditional South Asian wear salwar kameez.
*edited piece from my short story, the Ring of Finality being the ending.

June 28, 2012
June 19, 2012

An Adventure And A Romance - Book Review

Defying Gravity

Defying Gravity - Cherie Reich
(book one of the Gravity Trilogy)
Publishers - Surrounded by Books Publishing
Genre - Speculative Fiction - Soft Science Fiction - Space Romance
Ebook - Novelette - 60 pages, Price $ 0.99
Available at Amazon Kindle Store


A Futuristic Space Fantasy Novelette
Homesick upon the SS Perseid, Linia, a young linguist, thinks she signed up for a mission of peace, but her crew members have another plan: attack the planet Medusa.
Bored with his dying planet, Alezandros, a space cruiser pilot, joins the Medusan army in his quest for adventure.
When the SS Perseid clashes with the Medusans' cruisers, Alezandros and Linia's lives intertwine. Sucked through a wormhole, they crash upon a post-apocalyptic Earth and are captured by cannibals. In adjacent cells, Alezandros and Linia cast their differences aside for a common bond: escape. But when romantic feelings emerge between them, they might do the unthinkable because for a Medusan and a Persean to fall in love, it would defy gravity.

This is a novelette by fellow blogger and author Cherie Reich.
It tells a story that starts of with both, depressing aspects of a planet peopled below the surface and the sinister strategy of a enemy planet that seeks to launch an attack via a space mission under the guise of exploration.
The author interweaves Greek mythology with a battle in space with its own set of unexpected.consequences.
The protagonists, Alezandros and Linia's lives gets complicated as they end up travelling through a wormhole and landing on a hostile, damaged, old Earth.

How they end up prisoners in the same camp unknown to each other, wrestle their hostile captors and escape using their special powers, and the budding romance between them in the process forms the rest of it.

The author has clearly taken the effort to build different planet worlds, races, language while keeping  it all in sync with the basic characterisations of the myth.
She has created believable characters whom you can't help but root for.

This is a soft science fiction of danger and romance. The length of the work makes it difficult to create a more scientifically layered world. Hence, this may not appeal to science fiction aficionados of the hard and soft genres alike.

I would recommend this pleasure read to first timers to science fiction and to romance readers who enjoy varied settings specially out-worldly and other worldly. And lovers of short fiction would enjoy this.

For the writing and the interesting premise, the book gets a between 3.5 to 4/5 rating from me.

Personal Disclaimer: This book was an original purchase used for the purpose of review, hence the post in entirety is my basic impression after reading the book. It is not based on intervention by the author or publishing house.
June 15, 2012

The Perfect Ex - Romantic Friday Writers

Had to enter the fray, since this will be the last RFW entry till August for me.

Based on the prompt of the same name as the title, a story or poem in 400 words or less.

Puts away his clothes as usual.
the routine followed each night,
He stands by, saying nothing.
Adjusts the covers on the queen sized bed,
another of those things to be done,
 aware of his eyes on the movements made.

That night, they lie down together one last time.
she knows, he knows, pretend otherwise.
Hold her hand, promising another string of lies,
she believed them often, now, not one.

The dark, sleepless hours seem never ending,
her courage peaks and wanes.
The dawn should bring respite for both,
 She, for once, no longer plays
the imperfect specimen of the wife,
embarking on the new journey of a perfect ex.

Lost in the pride of his invincibility,
a blind heart in denial of the inevitability.
These six weeks past mark her revenge
 a small price for the six years he has stolen.

The house is clean, the fridge is stocked,
the dinner awaits him on the dining table,
most of her things, he claimed took valuable space,
gone from this house empty of her footsteps.
All that remain are the few material pieces
he boasted to be acts of needless generosity.

She leaves behind memories of the past,
could choke and strangle any feeling mortal.
 Takes along enough of a future,
 no share or meddling by him, afraid not, any more.

 wc 217

For Romantic Friday writers

Writing after a fortnight was tough, I struggled and barely pulled through.

I posted this just about managing to keep the friday score. Will be visiting the others tomo and also those kind ones that read my previous post.

June 04, 2012

Awards Nite

Since today is for celebrating my English birthday based on DOB with cakes and eating out, and tomo my Tamil bday (based on birth-star constellation in the horoscope) with traditional Indian food and visit to the temple ...decided on celebrating the duality of blog awards. Some long overdue thanks for awards received over 2011-12 and passing them on. They come with their own set of rules...but the birthday gal reserves the right to break them and offer them to anyone who reads this post and two awards for visitors all through June.

Special thanks for
 the Kreativ blogger award  received from Jan (recent follower) which demands revealing 7 things about me and passing it on to 7 people.

 The Versatile blogger award from
Treelight ( befriended during Campaign challenge),
Jayleigh Cape,
Seabell and Tiberbrite (from Jingle poetry group)
demanding 7 random info on me and passing on to 15 people.

 The Liebster Award from Nutschell for blogs  with less than 300 followers last June. (sheepish and sorry)

The Paperclip award from Traci Kenworth ....supposed to answer 12 questions not me...

 The Booker award from Christine for book bloggers or ones with 50% focus on reading or writing books.

So I choose my seven sins as I call it...
Clumsy till about 35...funny, while the sense of balance supposedly deteriorates with age...mine has improved with time... I used to choose the most crowded places to trip over nothing - the bus stop, the railway platform/bridge, the college canteen, the office corridor, the school ground, the busiest street, the airport/mall escalators. I guess, I craved the attention...another reason I broke up with high heels after just three years of casual dating.

 I have been wearing contact lenses for two decades now - not blind as a bat, but can only see blurred images without my glasses beyond six feet...that my glasses used to frequently threaten to slip off my bridge-less nose was one of the reasons, the other being childhood and teen years' taunts. So, next time you make fun or see someone making fun of people on the basis of appearance, please remember, it can have a life long effect on the victim's self confidence more so when the person is sensitive and shy to begin with. (like yours truly)

27 years of Bombay life has made me open minded, tolerant, cosmopolitan, multilingual, dreamer, creative, neutral-agnostic and much more. I love it, having lived through 16 years of bombings, a communal riot, a flood and a couple of earthquakes; the only city I call home even though I currently live hundreds of miles away.

Lover of all things English (read British) except the weather, superiority complex...and the food, all meat and too bland even for the likes of me....I dream, even sleep talk/scream in English (atleast that's what my mom and ex hubby said) though I am fluent in three Indian language among others....

Was married for 6 1/2 years so I can't really blame the 7 year itch for its ending, though nowadays, its supposed to be the three year itch.

 I am a reasonably good singer, and with training, I could have been much better. As a child, was too rebellious to learn anything that conservative-traditional girls from the Brahmin communities of South India were/are supposed to, like classical music, classical instruments, classical dance, cooking, religious stuff etc (lucky, my mom was liberal enough)...regret not learning music though.
Hell, this infidel even dreamt of a love marriage over an arranged one...my family would have needed buckets of holy water (read river Ganges) to cleanse my mind, if I had found someone crazy enough to love me back.

passport with no stamps yet. Hope to rectify it on my 40th or 45 th bday by going to Dubai and/or Singapore. Unfortunately Eygpt, Italy and Greece will have to wait for the reincarnated me...if I manage to be born again on planet Earth.

 As rewards for your patience,
I pass on the Kreativ and Versatile blogger awards to all my followers and commenters.

I have a Reader appreciation award for those who read my posts and specially to participants of memes and blogfests who bother to visit me.

In order to accept this award need to do the following:

List something you’ve been up to lately
Nominate 6 other blogs (optional)

I leave you all with wishes for a great week ahead and a picture of the still fat ole me. (but I lost 4 kgs in 4 months not bad...12 more to reach my pre-marriage weight of 56 kgs. I still have two years to accomplish it)
We had a family cake cutting on the bed as my bro (stuck in his hotel room because of the jubilee celebrations of the Queen's reign) wanted to join in on web chat from london.

P.s. I will be skipping my IWSG post this wed as my nephews hog my time and comp. See you all from 9 or 10 June. 
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