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October 29, 2011

I Paint Words

For Saturday Centus at Jenny Matlock's blog.. any genre, p.g as far as possible, not to exceed 25 words excluding the prompt in bold. A story on a picture again....
Criticize the other black words there.

July 18, 2011

Time To Hit The Gym??

Having been AWOL for 2 weeks without the headmistress' Jenny Matlock permission..thought I'll use humour to appease her.
Enjoy /sympathise with other age related joys/woes at her on my tangent 

"...I'm not getting any younger...", she cribbed, huffing their way up the stairs....
''Need any help?'', asked her 75 year old uncle, his booming laughter echoing as he overtook her. 
June 04, 2011

Different Memoirs - A Book Lover And A Hint Fiction Lover's

Day 1: The Best Book You Read Last Year

Book challenge

The "Memoirs Of A Geisha" published in 1997 by Author Arthur Golden, uses a fictional narrator to describe the life of young girl Chiyo; sold off to a tea house and her struggles through the World War 2 in Japan...
It also depicts beautifully and sometimes meticulously her growth as both a geisha and a person.
It brings an almost lost chapter and often a disturbing practice in Japanese culture.
What sets the book apart for me is the strong love that a young Chiyo(renamed Sayuri ) develops and nurtures for the kind man (referred to as Chairman) she meets at the temple. It is this need to be his concubine that makes Chiyo accept her reality and try to perfect her art and rise through the ranks.
A love story that never seems to pick till the ending which leaves us with a contented Sayuri at New York.

The Geisha system in my mind being similar to the archaic Devadasi system in India. Though the lofty ideals of being God's earthly consort, a Devdasi leads a life very similar to that of a Geisha.

Despite the controversies surrounding the book, its subject - exploitation of women for rich men's is the girl's struggles and her love story that moved me...

This is the first part of the 30 day book challenge created by Paulami at her blog Acotation Al Margen.

Do have a peek if curling up with  a good book is one of your favourite pastimes.
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Added to Saturday Centus . Check different endings on 
offer at Jenny Matlock's meme...

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