February 27, 2011

Microfiction Monday #72

 The harp turned into a wet mop, jostling her awake.

"Clean the mess first" barked the angry voice.
Sloshing in the rain was no longer fun. 

 140 exact.

The limit is a tweetable 140 characters or fewer, inspired by a photo or illustration.
Based on a Tweet on Photo theme...
 by Susan Carleton at Stony River ....check out others gems out there.

February 19, 2011

# 28 Random Musings For The Day

Every artist worth his/her salt needs a muse....what if, the muse in question has a bad hair day or worse still runs off with the chops??
February 13, 2011

Microfiction Monday #70

The winding road knows not her scent...
doubts assail him...
cream and strawberries her fill, 
his wicked grin casting their spell still?

136 characters

For this game, the limit is a tweetable 140 characters or fewer, inspired by a photo or illustration.

Based on a Tweet on Photo theme...
 by Susan Carleton at Stony River ....check out others gems out there.

February 12, 2011

Wanna Be Your Huggy Puggyman...

This week's Saturday Centus the challenge is to use UP TO 50 words to write a Hallmark card around this image for VALENTINES DAY!  Do walk through the other hallmarks at Jenny Matlock's meme...her blog off on my tangent .

The Words...
Jump, catch, fetch
snuggle, wag, juggle
never my style.

No, not always
this goofy...

Happens only
sniff, sniff
when you have
passed by....

Jenny Matlock
February 08, 2011

Meeting The In Laws - The Breakdown - 3

A 100 or less worded Micro fiction, with a Prompt in bold (not included in the 100 words count) that has to be left intact in the tale. Do take a spyhole check into other efforts at Jenny Matlock's meme...her blog off on my tangent
My third and hopefully last instalment in the Sci- Fi genre...the waves echo on...

Meeting The In laws Part 1 click here
Meeting The In laws Part 2 click here
The dome looked like the Itrigs* she has seen of the motherland....a place known through stories, now myths for some....
It has been 5000 Estel* years since anyone in the colony was taunted "earthling"...
Some pointed their proton projectiles* at her, some  looked away guiltily while others with hope....she was a traitor to some, to the majority the only one the "Bhaa" and Benen may yield to ....to the shamed "ethical".
The sight at the dungeons was enough....she would trade her life... ask him the last favor...as she left, "It was growing bigger by the minute..." the body pile of soldiers and civilians alike.

(*Itrigs advanced photo storage powered by gamma rays.
 *proton projectiles - the only weapons that could temporarily disable the Orbs with cybortic bodies.
*The colony - Earth like planet Estel where a year had 666 days)

Jenny Matlock
February 06, 2011

Behind The Wedding Scenes

They trudged back from the dining hall...tired after all the hopping around...Indian weddings are elaborate processes  like 18th century  dining customs the English had...
A two day wedding meant family pouring in from all over the country and abroad. It meant going back to the dorms where you rub shoulders with distant aunts and cousins you would never again see in flesh and blood...well..not till the next wedding in the family anyway...
Sleep is elusive and people try to catch up on missed out years in the few short hours to spare....
Its a place for the young to get juicy glimpses of their stern elders easy going past...then there are those pent up emotions of anger, sadness or envy that a few mischief mongers flame for a few moments of pleasure...while the immediate family of the bride or groom have minor heart attacks...
On that particular evening...the rooms were full and the youngsters rebelled (including the bride's sister and brother in law)....they wanted their privacy and the warmth of the home beds....
Off they went in their glittering silks sarees and gold jewellery that could light up the roads on their own. Some smart elders not needed for the pre-dawn ceremony (mostly men) choose to go home to Uncle's den...little did they know what the following morning would bring...
The next days clothes were stuffed in small bags, the vanity kit being the most important...how could we let millions of photos go waste without some face-paint...
The bungalow was just as had been left in the afternoon...no forced entry....calm and quiet...the cars parked, the gates locked securely....they drifted off to sleep in batches over the next hour or two...
trink....trink...beep beep...the various watch alarms went...woke up groggy one eyed, the other tightly shut...damn its was 3.30 a.m already...we had to be back at the hall by 6 a.m atleast, if we didn't want to miss out important ceremonies not to forget the lectures from parents for oversleeping on a special day...
No coffee till the great dining meant a few irritated faces...not to mention that a couple had their stomachs grumbling from the heavy feast of the previous evening.
It was time to take turns to bathe and dress up....18 people and 4 bathrooms...do the maths...the elder ones are usually the luckiest. Age and the fact that most ceremonies require their participation or blessing meant that they had a head start always... 
The ladies and girls in the rooms upstairs were busy admiring each other selections and discussing make overs and some sharing pooled resources...when Rajesh Anna* (*elder brother) bangs on the doors and announces "no showers please"....great...
No one had remembered/come back to turn on the motor the previous evening which meant that the daily supply of water didn't get through....
A check of the underground tank showed water level at less than half the usual limit... 
Fine with just 11 people left to go as a couple of guys happily postponing the clean up exercise for an hour of extra sleep....the situation was manageable or so we thought...
Halfway through, shrieks heard from the upper level bathrooms....the water flow had stopped...followed by more frantic ranting from elder men downstairs...."where are the extra soap bars?"
All eye turned to the bride's sister after all it was her parents home...
She went down with a shrug and "no problem"...only to come back red-faced...the store room was locked and the keys safe in her mom's handbag back "there"....
It was the only day in our history when the "beauty/skin conscious" among us were held in esteem rather than teased by the men...
Its was our face washes that saved the day....We gathered in all the ones we could find on person....Pallavi bhabhi*(cousin brother's wife) being the sweetest, offering two of her big imported (meaning expensive, famous cosmetic brand....even after the liberalisation of the economy in the early 90's, shopping abroad is still a thrilling/exotic activity) tubes of  face washes.
The contents were generously dumped into eagerly waiting buckets till a nice soapy foam built up was realised....We all had a ingenious version of tub baths that day...
Not enough but atleast we wouldn't be stinking underneath all the bling...
The sorry, exhausted lot finally left the premises at 6.30 a.m reaching an hour late....did I  mention that someone forget to to send the cars back and we, half a dozen girls twiddled our thumbs, swear words that would make guys cringe, being traded back and forth.
The rest of the day was largely uneventful if one overlooks the members from the groom's side with their smart aleck acts...I mean what good is an Indian wedding (or any wedding for that matter) if the groom's parents don't throw a tantrum or two?...with furious nods and nudges from their siblings...
After the reception when Uncle asked casually if we wanted the house keys again....we still had the "inviting the newly-weds and their extended family for lunch" ceremony the next morning.... he was shocked with the collective screams of "No, not again!!!".....

(This was based on a wedding of one of my dearest cousins....names changed for obvious reasons....the picture is from my Brother's wedding though...)

February 04, 2011

My Twitter #Sixwordstories In Wordle

Wordle: Untitled
Click on the Wordle to see the original one.

Time to leave past baggage behind
I have never held a magic wand
Grind your teeth, make hair rise
Heaven/hell, to each their own
One for mind, one for soul "songsnwords"
 Was in thought, walk or not?
New year resolution, fulfil or not?
The winter season but not cold!
Beaches, breeze, sand, shells, mocktails, music
Health is wealth, says the doctor
Dreaming with open eyes, the best
This laughter style means the most :D
New walking shoes, await their turn :P
Only father time can definitely tell
Too late now, walking partner gone ;
This time around, pack my mouse
Bid goodbye, till you can revisit
Ciao, fare thee well, mes amies
 Have a Flikr Friday, my wish
A tequila if its your thing.

Meeting The In Laws - The Flashback - 2

A 100 or less worded Micro fiction, with a Prompt in bold (not included in the 100 words count) that has to be left intact in the tale. Go have your fill of other creative endeavours at Jenny Matlock's meme...her blog off on my tangentThis time, though I didn't plan to take part, Jenny's comment that asked for a sequel to last week's Sci-Fi can't be refused...for a Sci-Fi/fantasy addict like me....another post in continuum...hope its readable...

Meeting The In laws Part 1 click here
The dust storms...two months of monitored travel..she stood lost in clashing thoughts...Slowly but sprightly for a 150 year old, walked to the "Minara"......took the drop pad to the dungeons, to "Asat"*  her family's section.
She had named him Benen*......her father and uncle's greed has caused damage lasting a millennia, forcing him to choose sides. 
The "Bhaa"*, his people had renamed her Mara*, now
retained as a reminder of lost love, a galactic war.
She lifted the stack of letters from the ancient chest,
never sent.... his letter on top, a poignant "stars apart/forever in each other's thoughts"...would her great grand daughter's fate be different?? 

(Sanskrit: Asat - evil, Bhaa - light, Mara - the destroyer)
(Benen - Latin for benevolent)

Jenny Matlock
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