October 30, 2010

euREKA Moments - 2

Situation :  

    Riders in India and many parts of Asia use their helmets as fashion accessories. The helmets are found everywhere on the bikes and Scooters as eye candy except the right spot - the head. Given the spate of accidents and their continual rise...

euREKA Moment
  • Bravery awards newly constituted by the  Helmet Habits Association -
For those monitored rare species of riders who actual never fail to wear their helmets while navigating busy streets and highways.
  • Bravery Awards by the Pedestrians Safety Forum -
For those hardy and lion hearted walkers who dare to step on pavements and footpaths on the thoroughfares frequented by helmet-less devils in leather. 

# 17 Random Musings For The Day

Why do people say 'come down to my place' when they live at a higher longitude and latitude ???
October 26, 2010

# 16 Random Musings For The Day

Some one said, 'map your future...but with a pencil'.   What if one wants to use a permanent marker???
October 24, 2010

# 15 Random Musings For The Day

Beauty, brains, health, wealth and kind heart - Myth, legend, fairytale or reality...choose one

# 14 Random Musings For The Day

Do bullies ever QUIT and grow up, I am afraid NOT....
October 22, 2010

# 13 Random Musings For The Day

Success is said to be a staircase, one step taken at a time.... Why can't it be a conveyor belt ???.....
October 21, 2010

# 12 Random Musings For The Day

Wrinkle free, wrinkle free : wrinkle free clothes, wrinkle free faces, wrinkle free life - is it too much to ask?
October 18, 2010

# 10 Random Musings For The Day

Have you ever wondered : sitting on a dentist's chair, mouth wide open, aching jaws, your cavity being sporadically filled during cell talkathon breaks :  What Bad Karma brought you to this ???
October 17, 2010

euREKA Moments - 1

Situation : Analysis of the recently concluded Commonwealth Games revealed that the Indian Railways candidates accounted for 25 of the 101medals won (13 of 38 gold) and 92 of the 495 participants were on its payroll.

euREKA moment : 

The latest Indian Railways job applications will contain two new columns -
Question: Capable of winning "choose one or more options"

    • CWG                     Gold
    • ASIAN Games  Silver
    • WORLD MEET Bronze
    • OLYMPICS        Finalist

          2.    Based on qualifications "choose" one  joining bonus :
      • Professionals                                    CWG Gold Medal
      • 10 or more years of experience CWG Silver Medal
      • Sportpersons in training             CWG Bronze Medal.

      Caricatures By Jay

      A series of earliest Caricatures by my cousin a decade ago when he was around 19/20 yrears old........Some Indian Politicians, Margaret Thatcher and Aishwarya Rai perhaps.....
      Pity the Corporate world and Dubai have put the caricaturist into semi-permanent hibernation. :(

      Why Men Are From Mars, Women From Venus - 2

      Click here for more
      October 16, 2010

      # 9 Random Musings For The Day

      Nothing like a cuppa of hot filter coffee to send electric spasms to your brain.... and for what : doing the same, mundane things day after day???.... 

      You Were There

      Eyes that twinkled with the 
      glimmering light of far away stars, 
      They gazed at me as
      though I was their rock star.

      Lips that lisped sweet words
      in my soul, a chord was struck,
      They made mundane words seem
      more precious than the preciouss.

      Tiny hands that wiped away
      the invisible tears I shed,
      On my cheeks they felt
      like the softest of silks.

      The warm body that hugged
      sharing all the love it possessed,
      The vibe that I sensed 
      of the special bond created

      The look that you gave reflected

      wisdom way beyond your years, 
      as though you somehow understood
      the pain and ache behind the false smiles.

      You gave me something
      No one else can ever give,
      The warm glow of a million suns
      that light up my dark days and nights.

      With you around

      life is easier to face,
      My strength, my sanity, 
      my joy, my grace.

       Just remember in
       the days yet to be,
      This heart will beat for you
      as yours did beat for me.

      ( Dedicated to my tiny powerhouse of a nephew Sidartha aka Sid
      whose innocence and love helped me through my darkest year )
      October 14, 2010

      # 8 Random Musings For The Day

      'Think before you Speak'

      'Plan before you Act'
      'Practice before you Attempt'
      'Look before you Leap'
       ....What happened to Good Ole Spontaneity ???
      October 12, 2010

      # 7 Random Musings For The Day

      Someone's nonsense can make perfect sense to someone else !!!  Its a matter of perception, abstraction and derivation....
      October 09, 2010

      # 6 Random Musings For The Day

      Why is that a child's adoring eyes makes you feel, you can conquer the world??
      October 07, 2010

      Bombay Musings

      This picture made me nostalgic for the city that was my home for over 27 years(good luck to guessing my age).Moving to a second tier city has me thinking quite often on the pros and cons of living in a megapolis(by Indian standards).
      Blame it on the fact that "you can take a person out of Bombay but not Bombay out of the person", but the pros far outweigh the cons (at least for me).
      The Pros obviously being:
      • An absolutely cosmopolitan city (mini India, if you will) respecting traditions but with a heavy western influence.The exposure to different ethnic group practises and cultures really opens your mind to the diverse yet similar nature of us - homo sapiens.
      • The freedom to follow your dreams big and small(yes even illegal, immoral ones), the immense opportunity available, for starters.
      • Where one's individuality and personal space is valued(the fact that time is money may have a lot to do with it).
      • The varied avenues of entertainment for all ages(and before you protest), countless beaches, A national park, mini parks all over.
      • Relatively safer place for women and collaborator in their empowerment.
      • Good and intelligent use of science and technology tempered with Eco friendly ways.
      • Where your religion, caste, race doesn't matter(98% of the time) in any sphere of life.
      • Festivals and celebrations give community a whole new meaning.
      I could have gone on all day and still not be finished...

      Now for the Cons:
      • Pollution and Blatant commercialisation
      • You may have neighbours you may never interact for years with.
      • Stark division between the wealthy and the not so, disregard for rules(especially teenagers).
      • Increasing intolerance and xenophobic tendencies.
      • Burgeoning population and inadequate infrastructure.
      • Loneliness(elderly and the singletons) and lifestyle diseases, stressful lives.
      As you can see, given a chance, I would catch the first available flight to Bombay, take everything the city throws my way..."Good, Bad And The Ugly" and never leave.
      Well, as the Saying goes,"if wishes were horses,beggars would be kings". ;D 
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