April 21, 2011

RandomMusings For The Day #33 and #34

If Black is the colour of darkness, why does every woman worth her salt fancy a little black outfit for those "wow" moments.

Why is it, if you do your thing, you are staying true to character.....but if I do my thing, I am an older woman rebelling??

P.S : Thanks to A.M. Trumble at http://www.bttrflyscar.blogspot.com for deeming me worthy of the stylish blogger award. :)


TS Hendrik said...

1. Because all women have a bit of darkness in them.

2. Because it would be weird if I was an older woman rebelling given that I'm a man. haha

Jingle said...

lovely wonders.
enjoyed your blog.

awards for you!

please take the most promising poet award and the talented writer award from my post.


Twisting the Spanner said...

If I do my thing, people just think I'm... odd. I'd be delighted if someone thought I was an older woman rebelling.

Though, in and of itself, that might be a little odd too. :)

Tomz said...

I too wonder, y everyone looks hot in black outfits...

coming to the second qn, Maybe that' the generation gap..

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Because there is something about black that allures all and yet eludes most of us.

Black, completes, fills the voids where there is no white.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Promising Poets Parking Lot said...

join poets rally week 42 today.
have fun.

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