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September 27, 2011

An Incantation

The stairway to heaven 
wouldn't find use here
needs, darker than a black soul
lost in the empty pages of time
forgotten lives for the killing
my soul seeks you Lucifer 
entwined, entombed serpent coils
Embrace the vile in me and rejuvenate

September 22, 2011

An Ancient Story Retold

The Snake Charmer, Henri Rousseau, 1907
Image Courtesy Magpie Tales

She lay by the lakeside; in the moonlight casting no perceptible shadow  against the glistening waters.  Strangely restless and content, weaving and unweaving  her matted coils…some stangled and twisted to hideous effect or laid as they were. Dark, tangled strings that reflected the  surrounding gloom.
He had escaped far too often, she had let him live the ignorant dream…. his scent deadly yet irrestible …his high notes ripping her apart…
 Letting him believe to be the victor in this ancient game she had perfected into an art. The night was their timeless friend, eternal enemy; bewitching , betraying, bespoken….rendering them puppets to mutual desire and hatred.
A secret dance,  feverish  glance lacking tenderness….wine and viper, stillness and motion,  beast and prey circling  in vanity and pride.
Soft footfalls, shodden grass groaning under the slight strain….picture perfect. They waited, glinting eyes and forked tongue for the sweet song to soothe and succumb to, for a little while.
 Medusa and the nightly visitor, her  lover and foe, evenly matched but tonight one would fall , the other would savour a shallow victory… he played his magical notes, the coils unravelled….inhabiting every inch of the tiny meadow that was their’s alone to claim.

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April 19, 2011

Past And Present

Past -
“Think it’s possible?”
“Frankly Andy,  the skull is too small  to be human.”
“Request Brown to create a new branch. Lucy*  will soon be passe.”

*Lucy as in Hominin of whom only one species - homosapiens (us) survives

Present -
Hammering talks of Pattinson’s hair everywhere
Swear never has anyone else been discussed threadbare.
Can understand a hyper, emotional teen,
But an older  woman screaming, a disturbing scene.
If omelettes were to be his tingle,
A vegan’s wife will soon be single. 

April 12, 2011

Just A Reminder - Yuri Gagarin

 There she was...
after a dizzing burst
into the cold dark space
leaving jet streaks behind...
The enchantress
so blue, even Misha's eyes
paled in comparison
Numero Uno means little
In this void....
Hammering heart
as Home beckons
Nikita seemed happy for once.
What’s with the Babooshka and loaves
When samogonka would make me float.

("babooshka" - grandmother, "samogonka" or "moonshine" - homemade vodka, Nikita Khrushchev - the then Russian President.)

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