October 05, 2011

Random Musing of An Insecure Writer - IWSG

 Nokia tag line says "We connect people" but the ones who contacted me the most were Tele marketeers...The TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority Of India ) now says, 100 sms/texts per Sim card is enough for a day from October onwards....which means my cellular service  provider can't connect to me even for billing. 

 This is so reminiscent of my writing journey this year. True the quill had gathered dust for years, the words lost in yellowing journals. Patience is the key....but insecurity strikes a blow to the tender bruised ego with every rejection...
On one hand writers say you need publishing credits to launch your short story collection....on the other hand even free e zines feel my work would stain their esteemed cyber pages. And in the second most populated country in the world; where every other educated person is a closet writer, maybe my work is not good enough. This toon below expresses my fears adequately

Insecure Writer

And yet, every time I hear that a fellow blogger has broken the glass 
ceiling of the publishing world, I am gladdened and  feel hopeful
One such blogger Gail  M Baugneit has published her Pepper Bibeau 
mystery,"FOR EVERY ACTION There Are Consequences" in both 
trade and e book format. Do drop in at her blog. You may even win 
the Smashwords coupon for the remaining 3 free copies of the novel.

Since, a lot of people have blogged about her Novelette launched, 
I felt it would seem like old news.
 M. Pax a writer of short stories and novelettes in science fiction 
(one of my favourite genre) has launched her E book , 
a Space opera "Semper Audacia". 
It is available at Amazon and also at Smashwords for .99 cents. 
Check out her free short stories, especially "Small Graces".
the links available on her blog M Pax Author .


Tiberbrite said...

Glad I was able to comment her because I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. I hope you enjoy.

M Pax said...

Keep at it, my writing friend. Rejections are only step one on this long journey. Don't give up. Keep working, keep learning and growing. You'll get there. The key element, don't give up.

TS Hendrik said...

If it's your passion, your dream to be published, keep going at it. I've read of numerous famous authors who had hundreds of rejection letters before ever being published. I myself quit trying for awhile, but have been thinking of giving it another go. If you do self publish, that too can help. I know there are several authors who have self published first as a way of getting some cred to put down.

So don't get too frustrated, your work is good. And I love the comic.

cj Schlottman said...

With your talent, you will no doubt be published. We all hear stories of dozens of rejections before acceptance. Im a sending good energy your way.


Nicki Elson said...

That's exactly right - you've seen evidence that the dream can come true, and meanwhile you obviously know how to laugh, so that's a good thing. ;) And either way - you've got a gorgeous blog here!

Rawknrobyn.blogspot.com said...

Keep faith, my friend. You and your writing talents are amazing.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Mary is an awesome writer and great blogger friend.
It's not impossible, so don't give up. If someone thought MY writing was good enough to publish, then I'm sure they will think yours is brilliant.

Anonymous said...

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