August 22, 2011

Wave The Flag

Ignite the fire, 
the blue of transparency
Let the streets burn 
in the fierceness of your passion
The mighty cower and hide
covering their tracks in vain
People's power where it truly belongs
not in the hungry corridors of parliament
 in you and me who put them there
Not for avarice and mindless ego trips 
 to make our lives a better fare.
Remind them time and again
 of the people, by the people, for the people
 is still the clarion call of Democracy

* This is my BLUE contribution to the fight against corruption - a people's movement that has erupted all across India, asking their elected representatives not to forget what they are here for.

For Jinksy In Tandem 6Gooseberry Goes Poetic


seabell said...

I know about the movement against corruption in your country and already signed an international petition. In Africa the problem is the same and I think the "developed" countries only institutionalized it. I like your poem and because of it I trust that I signed well. :)

Jinksy said...

I'm all for transparency - except for my clothes! LOL. Thanks for pedalling along this week.

charleslmashburn said...

A well written plea! Nicely said and done!

here is my offering for this first Gooseberry Garden picnic:

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

May this contribution prove fruitful in this fight against corruption.

Nice read.
And, nice template, exotic and appealing :)

Blasphemous Aesthete

Tomz said...

Blue is the colour of the Ashoka Chakra..when u r going to write abt the rest colours?

Mike Patrick said...

A storm of freedom builds from gusts and waves, soon to break over shores of impacted leadership. It's fury will scour the land clean of imperfections, as powers that be are reminded, storms are more powerful than rule.

Only the use of one ethnic/religious/caste group against another has kept some of these despots in power all these years. The army came from the masses. It’s apparent from the ‘official’ news releases that pitting one group against another is no longer working. The armies are being called upon to attack their own homes, and they are refusing. For too long, they have bled the masses, let them starve, deprived them of medicine and jobs. The boot on the throat became too wide; the different groups are uniting.

I'm not really much of a rabble-rouser, but anyone who reads a paper can see it coming.

I only hope they come out of it with something better than they started with. said...

My thoughts are with you and the brave, beautiful people fighting this fight.
What a great BLUE contribution. I especially like "to make our lives a better fare." May it come to pass.


The Gooseberry Garden said...


dakshi said...

wonderful spirit!!!!

Laurie Kolp said...

Wise words for the whole world.

Susie Clevenger said...

Great rallying cry for "we the people"

Rashmi said...

Wonderful poem...Let us pray that all the people be aware of this and together
make our lives a better fare..

Agnes said...

Beautifully said.

fiveloaf said...

and we are also fighting here in the spirit of democracy lol.. glad to be of acquaintance thru gooseberry!

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