Awards Received From -

From Elizabeth Mueller an author, awesome blogger with multiple blogs

From Jingle an awesome, multi talented young poetess who runs her memes

The Most Promising Poet Award

Talented Writer Award

From A.M. Trumble  an awesome poetess and writer herselfat

From Deirdra a published author, at 

From Jingle Poetry- Thursday poets Rally

Awards Given To -

 my first 8 followers and friends who diligently read what I spewed

Aditya @

TS Hendrik @

Robyn @

Neeha @

To Nonna beach @ 

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Since, crazy Mr. Blogspot won't let me reply to the comments here (is upset with the water ladies ever since they refused to verify visitors)...will do the next best thing, drop in to your blog to say my Vanakkam/Namaste/Salaam/Hello.

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